How to Build a Camp Fire Pit

To decide to stay one night out and enjoy a nice camping, the first thing to know is how to start a fire. Rather, no, it is the second. The first thing to know is to know how to build a camp fire pit. It may seem simple, but you need precise precautions and a lot of attention to build one that can protect your fire.

The first important thing to do is to choose the place well:

  • You must choose a point far from anything that can catch fire, therefore far from: trees, dry branches, dry leaves, hanging branches, brushwood, tall grass etc. The best distance is at least 5 or 10 feet away from everything that can catch fire easily and uncontrollably
  • Choose flat ground, so that embers, wood or coals will not roll away.
  • Check the wind level and where it blows, to protect your fire from the wind or prevent the wind from feeding it uncontrollably. You can also use boulders to protect the fire from the wind, but if it’s too windy then it’s not a good place to start a fire or build a camp fire pit.
  • A camp fire pit should also be built at least 15 feet away from the tent. Safety comes first and the materials that make up the tent, cabin or any other type of campsite could easily catch fire. The same goes for sleeping bags.

Once you’ve found the right place, you need to build a containment ring:

  • Clean the area around the pit from all that could cause problems and all the flammable material (a space of at least 10 feet).
  • Dig a small indentation in the center of the area, about 5 inches deep and about 1 foot wide. The width, however, varies from the size of the camp fire pit you want to create. This bowl-shaped recess will protect the embers from the wind and help the fire burn with less smoke.
  • Now you need to create a ring around the small pit, about 2 feet wide in diameter, with large rocks or large trunks. This width should be enough for a medium-sized fire, but also in this case it varies according to the desired size. The rocks must be at least larger than a handful and must be placed close together, with no space between them. As for the logs, make sure they aren’t too dry, or they could catch fire.

Now all you have to do is collect all the flammable material (dry wood, dry leaves, branches etc.) and start the fire in the center of the camp fire pit.