Protecting a Campfire From Rain or Snow – Canvas Tarp

Once you have created a campfire for your campsite, in order to stay warm and be able to cook, the thing you need to do is protect it from the rain. After all the work you have done to start a fire, don’t you want it to be put out by the first drops of water? To do this, your best bet is to use a canvas tarp.

A canvas tarp can be used in several ways on a campsite:

  • The first thing that can be done, of course, is to protect the campfire from the rain, whether weak or strong.
  • In case it has already rained and the ground where you have to camp is muddy or wet, the canvas tarp can be used as a base for placing the tent. In this way the floor of the tent will be dry and, in fact, it will be even more isolated, even if only slightly.
  • Protect the fire while you cook. Of course, camping is done outside, outdoors, on the open fire with various utensils. Starting to cook and having to flee because it starts to rain is not ideal.
  • It will also be a great place to eat while being protected from the rain or even when you just have to shelter.
  • In addition to a standard cover, canvas tarp can also be used to reinforce the protection of your tent in bad weather.
  • Finally, it will also be an excellent shelter from the rain when you have to fix all your things in a hurry. Maybe it’s bad weather and you have to go away, doing it in the rain is not ideal. From this point of view, if you have a car, you can easily create a tunnel between the car and the tent with the canvas tarp.

Now the question is: how to build a small refuge with a canvas tarp? There is not a single method, but the construction of a shelter with this type of tarp is influenced by the wind, the presence of trees or other supports that can help you build and your needs.

In a simple way, to create a basic shelter to protect yourself from the rain or protect the campfire, if there is also no wind, you can use a canvas tarp, two straight poles, rope and pegs. With these tools, if you are able to build a DIY refuge, you can easily create a kind of gazebo that can protect what you want from the rain

Building a refuge with a canvas tarp is not a simple thing, you have to be practical, also because to be functional, and able to protect you, it must be built in the best way.