Wood Burning Tent Stoves – Best Stove For Your Tent

Winter camping is one of the best experiences in which to enjoy the natural world within an increasingly busy modern lifestyle. Canada offers some of the most iconic and pristine wilderness in North America that allows campers to be as close to wilderness as possible without the contrivances of parks and urban campsites. With adventures in the wilderness also comes a great deal of responsibility to ensure survival, which is why it is crucial to pack light, but also to pack essentials.

The convenience of a stove is not something that most campers realize can be captured in the wilderness. It is correct to pack as light as possible with essentials that will not slow down travel and can keep you sustained if you veer off course. This means that a wide array of electronics and bulky equipment usually isn’t possible on a true camping trip. Tent stoves are compact stoves that generate heat from burning wood. These appliances eliminate the uncertainty that comes with maintaining a fire and can be used to both cook food and generate warmth for cold nights.

Choosing a tent stove can be tricky based upon the length of your trip and your needs. It is essential to choose a tent stove that offers ventilation since the practicality of this appliance revolves around utilizing the stove inside of a tent. Most tent stoves will come with a practical chimney to expel smoke. The size of your tent is also a crucial factor to keep in mind since tent stoves can generate a great deal of heat. If your tent is small, be sure and choose a tent stove on the smaller side as opposed to a larger unit.

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If you are camping during the summer months, heat retention will likely not be a necessary component. This is where a tent stove geared more towards cooking is a good bet. Look for a tent stove that has burners for pots and pans. On the flip side, during the autumn and early winter months, a tent stove that generates heat in lieu of cooking conveniences will likely be an attractive option for these scenarios.

It is also important to take weight and portability into consideration. Some tent stoves can be quite heavy, which will create issues for long haul camping trips. In these cases, the smaller and more portable the tent stove is, the better. It may also be beneficial to choose a tent stove that doesn’t require a large amount of wood since this will also create issues with long haul camping.

Tent stoves come in many different makes and varieties. There are small units and units that come close to the sizes of regular stoves. The component to keep in mind is the length and distance of your camping trip and what the weather will be like. Tent stoves can be used for warmth or to cook food or for both. Base your purchase according to your trip.