Camp Chef Alpine Heavy-Duty Review

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy-Duty Tent Stove Review

Camping should not have to be regulated for warm months only. The Canadian wilderness offers stunning views during the late autumn and winter months that is simply too pristine to be missed. Due to frigid cold temperatures, this is not always a feasible concept. Tent stoves are marvels for modern camping due to the compact size of the units and the wide variety of uses the equipment offers campers and naturalists.

Camp Chef specializes in producing innovative equipment geared specifically for the outdoors. The Alpine Heavy-Duty Tent Stove is perfect for outdoor cooking which can also be transported to the interior of a tent during cold weather. This model is built with camping in mind and features an array of accessories for multiple types of cooking in addition to racks for clothes drying. For added benefit, all of the accessories, including the legs for the stove, are designed to fit inside of the unit, which makes portability easy and accessible.

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy-DutyThe stove is cylinder-shaped, which allows for an adequate amount of wood to limit the need for consistent refilling. Since a chimney is essential for utilizing a stove within a tent, this model comes with a ten-foot chimney pipe that will fit most tent models. Since a tent stove is used for wood burning, measures to ensure enough oxidation for a long burn are covered with the addition of a door damper leading into the stove.

The Camp Chef Alpine truly stands out in its cooking design. The flat top surface is both sizable and durable. Most tent stoves consider size as the number one factor when constructing a unit; however, this model prioritizes size and portability without skimping on the surface area needed for adequate cooking and heating. Multiple pots, pans, or kettles can fit on this model at one time.

In addition to necessary cooking conveniences, this model also features two portable and detachable racks which can be used for clothes or shoe drying. You don’t have to worry about suspending your clothing above the stove where the risk of fire is high. Since fire hazards can be high with tent stoves, the Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty also comes with a spark arrestor to prevent possible flammable emissions when using the stove inside of a tent.

Portability is the highest priority for many consumers when selecting a tent stove. This model features detachable legs that fit snugly inside of the stove along with all of the other included accessories. With a total weight of about 70 pounds, this tent stove is certainly a camping and outdoor necessity.

The Alpine Heavy-Duty by Camp Chef is a perfect tent stove that prioritizes necessary accessories in tandem with the essential components of portability that is expected of tent stove models. Camping should always be about the experience and not the hassle that comes with carrying bulky equipment. This tent stove ensures that the conveniences we are used to can easily be transported to the wilderness.